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Doxcost serves to educate and inform any and all persons who wish to gain the most benefit from their health insurance spending. You may be a business owner looking to save money, a Mom looking after her family’s budget, an HR professional looking for better ways to serve your company’s employees or a student looking to change the system for the better. Doxcost is here for you. We’re beholden to no one. The topics are objective and clear. The goal is to help you develop strategies and tactics that best serve you to get the most out of your health insurance, and therefore, your healthcare. We love feedback and encourage your questions. Renowned executive advisor, speaker and former classmate of mine, Whitney Johnson, said long ago that asking questions is a sign of intelligence. I would add that the only bad question is the one that is not asked. So ask away below.

Scott W. Dowling shares his 30+ years of insurance industry knowledge and experience to assist you in tackling your health insurance; making it work best for you, your family, your company and your employees. The head of CIGNA Group Insurance once remarked that, “He just won’t take no for an answer!” Very true. I won’t stop until I can help you get what you need to get the most value from your health insurance benefits. Stick with me.

“Knowledge is power. Knowledge is safety. Knowledge is happiness.”

– Thomas Jefferson

Let us know your questions and we’ll answer in an upcoming episode or post!